Pre-Operative Sleep Apnea Screening


Sleep & Neuroscience Associates, the leading sleep center in Connecticut, offers pre-operative screenings related to sleep disorders to reduce the risk of surgical complications. If you need a pre-operative evaluation, schedule an appointment with our doctors, the trusted sleep specialists in Greenwich, CT.

What is a pre-operative sleep apnea screening?

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a risk factor for numerous medical abnormalities and increases the risk of surgical complications when undergoing major surgery. This risk is minimized if OSA is diagnosed and treated effectively prior to the surgical procedure.

It is recommended to have a comprehensive sleep evaluation and risk factor assessment before undergoing any major surgical procedure using general anesthesia. A pre-operative sleep apnea evaluation may include a sleep study.

What are the goals of a pre-surgical sleep apnea evaluation?

Doctor holding a card with Sleep Apnea medical concept
Undergoing a pre-operative evaluation may help with the following:

  • Making recommendations designed to minimize perioperative risk
  • Preparing high-risk patients for surgery
  • Guiding anesthetic choices
  • Minimizing postponed or canceled surgeries
  • Decreasing the length of hospital stay after surgery
  • Improving surgery outcomes
  • Guiding postoperative management

Should I undergo sleep apnea screening?

Proactive measures, such as taking our Snore Quiz and Epworth Sleepiness Scale Quiz, are a good first step for gauging your level of risk for sleep apnea.

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