Corporate Sleep Wellness Programs


Why is sleep wellness important?

The importance of sleep and its effect on overall wellness has been extensively studied and is well understood. When it comes to the workplace, sleep and work performance are directly related. As sleep health and wellness programs are promoted in the workplace, there are numerous positive outcomes – productivity improves, accidents are less likely to occur, employee satisfaction rates increase – all of which create a better working environment.

Our doctors are trained sleep medicine specialists practicing in Greenwich, CT with a corporate sleep wellness program that addresses why sleep is important, the risks of sleep deprivation, the signs and symptoms of various sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, shift work disorder and jet lag, as well as effective treatment and coping strategies.

With our step-wise process that helps assess one’s sleep environment and habits, we can tease out areas that may contribute to poor quality sleep and low productivity. We empower employees with a better understanding of sleep and set them on the path to a truly healthier lifestyle, wherein they are able to achieve deeper, more restorative sleep.

Sleep quality creates benefits for employee health, performance, and productivity. Our corporate wellness program is designed to meet the personal needs of your company, keeping employees sleeping and feeling their best.

What does the wellness program involve?

Sleep & Neuroscience Associates is committed to providing corporate offices with the training and services needed to keep employees well-educated and proactive about their sleep health. Our practice offers an extensive executive health office presentation service & employee sleep wellness program, consisting of the following:

On-Site Presentation

A presentation regarding sleep and wellness will be provided on-site to your employees. The importance of sleep in overall wellness, happiness & productivity will be addressed. This will include differences between behavioral and medical sleep issues, along with the risks associated with sleep deprivation. We will also:

  • Review tools for creating the optimal sleep environment
  • Review the stages of sleep
  • Address how sleep changes as we age
  • Provide tips to improve sleep quality

This presentation will set the stage for a healthy exchange of information regarding one’s sleep habits and what can be done to improve them.

Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

  • Screening: Each employee will be provided a screening questionnaire that addresses their medical history and their sleep disorder risk factors, along with a two-week sleep diary.
  • Interview: Each employee will undergo an in-office interview focusing on sleep environment, sleep habits and other aspects of sleep that are essential in the diagnosis of sleep disorders.
  • Physical exam: Employees will receive a detailed and thorough evaluation of the airway geared to determine the cause of interruptions in sleep, resulting in chronic sleep deprivation.
  • Review of sleep wearables: Our doctors will review two-week data from patients’ sleep wearables (e.g. Fitbit, Jawbone) and make an assessment regarding possible abnormalities and recommendations for improvements.
  • Home sleep testing: If a sleep disorder is suspected, an at-home sleep study can be performed in order to collect two nights of objective sleep data to make an accurate diagnosis.

Telesleep Appointments

Web-based telesleep appointments will be set up, dedicated to reviewing the results of the home sleep study and following up with other treatment recommendations.

These services will be covered as a package for employees under the corporate wellness program. Employees needing additional services may pay out of pocket or submit claims to their health insurance carriers.

If you are interested in learning more about our corporate wellness and executive health program focused on sleep, or to schedule a corporate wellness program for your company, please call (203)-245-0412.

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We regret to announce that we will be closing the practice for in person and telehealth services for Sleep and Neuroscience Treatment as of 9/30/2023. The Practice was formerly owned by Dr. Malhotra and was located at 86 Bradley Road, Madison, CT 06443.

In February 2022, Waterstone acquired Sleep and Neuroscience Treatment under Dr. Thomas Abbenante, who has been working with patients in Greenwich and New Haven offices.

If you are seeking new services, please contact your health insurance company who can provide you with a list of providers that are in network with your current plan. For additional information or referrals, you can also contact the Connecticut State Medical Society at or by calling 203-865-0587.

For current or previous patients, please contact our agency for information regarding your account, appointments, or medical records. You may reach us at 203-245-0412 or fax requests to 203-427-0441. You will receive mailed information detailing closure and any follow-up instructions.

Please note that the business mailing address for Dr. Abbenante and Sleep and Neuroscience is:

Dr. Thomas Abbenante
Sleep & Neuroscience Department
c/o Waterstone Counseling Centers, LLC
86 Bradley Road
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