What to Expect During a Sleep Study

You haven’t slept well in ages, and you’re not sure why. When you see your doctor, he or she may suggest a sleep study to diagnose your sleep disorder so that you can finally get a good night’s rest. Read on for some information about sleep studies and what you can expect if your doctor recommends one.

Before the study

Sleep studies are noninvasive and painless. They may be done at a sleep center, or you may be able to do an at-home test. Your doctor will give you full instructions, but you will probably be asked to avoid any caffeine or alcohol beginning the afternoon before your sleep study. You should also avoid napping the day of your sleep study.

If you are performing an at-home test, the sleep center staff will explain how to operate the testing equipment that you will use at home.

During the study

For a sleep study at a sleep center, you will be staying overnight, and so you should bring your nightclothes and other items you use to prepare for bed. The room will be dark and quiet and you will be in there alone, but you can always ask a technician for help throughout the night if you need it. You will have sensors connected to wires placed on your chest, legs, scalp, and temples to monitor your heart rate, breathing, blood oxygen level, and brain waves. The wires will be long enough to allow you to move around in bed so that you can get as comfortable as possible.

For a home test, it is as simple as using the equipment as you’ve been instructed and then removing the sensors the next day.

After the study

Within a few days, your sleep center doctor will analyze the results of your sleep study and can recommend treatment.

A sleep study is a way to gather information about sleep patterns so that your sleep disorder can be diagnosed and treated effectively. If you wish you could get a full night’s sleep and wonder why you can’t,  Sleep & Neuroscience Associates can help. Call 203-245-0412 to make an appointment at the office in Greenwich, CT.

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