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What sleep devices can I use to help improve my sleep quality?

Our trusted sleep specialist, is pleased to offer a variety of sleep devices which promote better sleep. From devices that make CPAP therapy more convenient and comfortable to use, to sleep tracking devices and more, learn about the latest sleep aid gadgets and technology offered by Sleep & Neuroscience Associates, the top sleep center in Greenwich, CT.


Re-Timer is a scientifically proven light therapy system that improves sleep quality by adjusting the time you fall asleep. Re-timer is drug-free, painless, and easy to use. This sleep device may be recommended for patients suffering from certain types of circadian rhythm disorders.


SoClean is the world’s first CPAP cleansing and sanitizing machine. The device automatically cleans your CPAP machine and kills germs within minutes, within the need to use purified water or vinegar to clean a CPAP machine.


Mute is a sleep device designed to mute the sounds of snoring. The small U-shaped instrument is worn on the nose and dilates the nasal airways. With this sleep device, snorers are able to breathe more freely and make less noise throughout the night.


Quell is a wearable pain relief technology that helps alleviate chronic pain (seen in sleep conditions such as restless legs syndrome). This sleep device is 100% drug-free and can be worn 24/7.

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