Restless Leg Syndrome

Do you ever get that feeling in your legs when you are in bed or when you have been sitting down for a long time – that feeling like you have got to move your legs? It may seem like it is just a minor annoyance, and you may think it only happens to you. However, there is a name for this condition – restless leg syndrome – and there are some things you should know if you think you might have it.

What is restless leg syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome is often described as an “electric” sensation. It has also been described as a “crawling” or “creeping” feeling in the legs; a feeling like you have to move them. It sounds harmless, but it can actually be quite annoying and a little scary.

The symptoms typically happen at night, but you can also get that restless leg feeling after you’ve been sitting down for a while, such as in the car or on an airplane. If you have restless leg syndrome, you may also have excessive leg twitching while you sleep.

What causes restless leg syndrome?

Although no one is exactly sure what causes restless leg syndrome, women who are pregnant and people with a family history seem to be at a higher risk. It can sometimes accompany other conditions, such as spinal cord problems and iron deficiency.

How is restless leg syndrome treated?

Some people may never bother to see their doctor about this problem, because it may seem more annoying than serious. However, if restless leg syndrome gets worse it can eventually affect your sleep, which can affect how you function during the day (and how much you enjoy life!).

Your doctor may look for an underlying cause of your restless leg syndrome or give you advice on ways to sleep better, which can help. There also may be medications you can take for this condition. 

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