How Do I Know If I Have a Sleep Disorder?

Sleep Disorders | Sleep & neuroscience associates Everyone has a sleepless night now and then. Whether you’re stressed about work or the neighbors are making too much noise, it’s normal to have the occasional night of disrupted sleep. But how do you know if you have a sleep disorder? The best way to find out what is causing the disruption to your sleep – and treat it – is to make an appointment with Sleep & Neuroscience Associates in Greenwich, CT. Dr. Malhotra provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of sleep disorders from a neurological perspective. He is dedicated to helping his patients of all ages achieve better sleep and improved quality of life.

What Are the Symptoms of a Sleep Disorder?

Sleeping disorders impact our ability to get the kind of rest necessary to continue functioning properly. Symptoms of a sleep disorder include anger and irritability, lack of capability to concentrate or focus, falling asleep during the day, anxiety and depression, and excessive daytime napping. If you have more than two of these symptoms, you should be evaluated by a sleep specialist.

How Is a Sleep Disorder Diagnosed?

The first step will be to discuss your medical history. Dr. Malhotra will ask about your sleep habits and patterns, your overall health, your medical history, and your symptoms. He may suggest that you undergo further evaluation, such as a sleep study or other tests to learn more about what is causing your sleep deprivation. Some disturbances, such as narcolepsy, may require you to have blood drawn for additional testing.

How Are Sleep Disorders Treated?

There are a number of treatments available for sleep disorders. It depends on the kind of sleep disorder with which you are diagnosed to determine the best course of treatment. For people suffering from sleep apnea, a CPAP machine or oral appliance may be prescribed. Other sleep disorders may simply need behavioral or lifestyle changes. Some may require prescription medication.

If you believe you may be suffering from a sleep disorder, it is important to see a doctor who specializes in sleep medicine in order to properly diagnose and treat your condition. Dr. Malhotra is a board-certified sleep specialist in CT, who is known for diagnosing and treating all kinds of sleep disorders. Call (203) 422-7940 today, or schedule an appointment using this form.

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